Build your Domain Authority

Domain authority is an important factor in ranking high on the search engines especially Google. Domain authority is measured by the number and the quality of backlinks pointing to your website and a score of zero is the lowest with 100 being the highest.

Some sites are lucky and attract backlinks but most sites need to work on building their own. For example a fashion site that launches a new range of clothes might get backlinks from bloggers or fashion magazines but if you run a safety training for example you are probably going to have to go out there and find your own!

If you need to build your own backlinks you need to be careful that you don’t upset the search engines. Ways you can upset them is if you go after general anchor text links. i.e. for a safety training company they want go for “safety training”. Ideally you want to mainly go for branded anchor text i.e. your company name or the URL of your website.

Getting listed in established and relevant directories is an easy way of doing this. Here are some examples: Cultrix , VSP Clinic and IRT Surveys.

Another way to get some good backlinks is to offer your products to bloggers in return for them writing about you. They will usually link to the product that you sent them.


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Beginners Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for brevity’s sake represents the practice of ensuring that a website is set up in such a way that search engines will reward it with a higher place in the search rankings. SEO has undergone many changes as Google have tweaked their algorithms, meaning that what actually constitutes good SEO practice has had to evolve alongside the likes of Google. The early days saw a huge emphasis on keywords, which had the effect of the proliferation of many articles that made little sense, stuffed full of keywords to trick the search engines into endorsing their relevance. Nowadays, the absolute number one priority is user experience, which has led to things in the SEO world changing dramatically.

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Welcome to Learn SEO with us

I have been helping businesses with their SEO for as long as I can remember. I decided I would start a blog to offer free SEO guides. The guides include everything from the basics such as meta tags right through to more complex tasks such as site structure, Google analytics and schema.

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How to do an SEO Audit

By following some key guidance it is very possible without having immense levels of technical knowledge, to carry out a straightforward, but effective SEO audit of your business website and make improvements that will have tangible benefits. Most small and medium sized businesses will notice a strong uplift in traffic from an SEO audit carried out efficiently as Google will better understand the content and page structure of their site, resulting in better search rankings. Continue reading

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